3 Ways to Maximize Your Wedding Planning Budget

Hello all! This is Kathryn – your local wedding farming/florist!

Today I am honored to have Emily from Soiree Wedding Planning as our guest! Emily is one of the best wedding planners in the state and she is here to talk about how to maximize your wedding planning budget! Read more and then check out her website here!

Myth: A wedding planner is expensive.
Truth: A wedding planner will actually save you money.

The Expert in this Process:

A wedding planner can explain the *truth* to incorrect preconceived impressions about the cost of planning events. We are really good at this and we know what things cost, so we are going to be your biggest resource! No one knows what they “don’t know”. It’s okay! 

After planning weddings for more than a decade, one thing we’ve gotten very good at is helping with the journey that every couple embarks on as they go from an engaged couple to a married couple! No matter how many weddings you’ve attended, you probably haven’t spent your own money on a wedding before, so learning about pricing is all a part of understanding the cost based on your goals, guest count, and a number of other variables. With the right knowledge, we can make sure that you are budgeting realistically. Knowledge is super helpful to ensure you have clear expectations from the start! 

All the Best Connections:

A great wedding planner will have connections or close friendships with wedding vendors in your area. They’ve likely worked together on at least one if not dozens of previous events. They’re also going to be priced at reasonable or competitive pricing, meaning you’re not at risk spending way too much for a product or service. We had a bride that ordered benches for her ceremony from the rental company. They were $300 each and I was so surprised, but she wanted them! I knew of a small rental company that rented similar benches for $10 each. We ended up ordering 60, so I saved the bride over $17,000! 

With a wedding planner, you’re much less likely to put down deposits on a vendor that will never come through with what you’ve booked them for. It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened previously when a vendor is shady or closes their doors. The vendors your wedding planner refers to, hopefully prove to be reliable and professional, making your experience less stressful and you’ll spend much less time worrying or communicating.  

At Soirée, we have vendors that will give our clients a discount on their services, just for the simple fact that they have us as planners, making their lives with you, the client, much easier! The vendor knows that the wedding will be well planned & executed, and it’s their way to say thank you for choosing them and Soirée. We like to refer vendors that do a great job and take care with our events, so any deals will be passed along to our clients. We also have unique coupon codes for special discounts for online retailers which we share with our couples. We do not believe it’s ethical to receive kickbacks or gifts for our referrals. 

Stop! Don’t buy that!

We will stop you from frivolously spending your money on things you don’t need! Many times, we will be able to tell you exactly what to shop for and help with quantities. You won’t buy a lot of anything extra and certainly not on things that are unnecessary. We also have ideas for items and services that cost less, depending on what it is. Alternatively, we will encourage you to spend money on items or services that will have a big impact for the most bang for your buck. 

The biggest way to save money is to reduce the number of guests attending your wedding day. We have tips and tricks to use to give you the confidence to make those cuts on the list. With a smaller list, you’ll need fewer centerpieces, linens, chairs, tables, and much less food and drinks! We guide you through all those decisions too, helping you save money!! 

In conclusion: Hiring wedding planner is worth it and a great one will definitely save you money! (We also save you from a lot of stress too!)

Thank you Emily!

Again – feel free to check out her website here!

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