3 Ways to Maximize Your Videography Budget

Hello everyone! This is Kathryn, lead wedding designer at Beautifully Bloomed.

I am honored to have Travis and Joni from Travis and Joni films as the guest interview today! They are here to teach us the 3 ways to maximize your videography budget. Read more here and check out their website.

We like to ask our couples after booking, what their biggest challenge was when looking for a videographer.  Couples often respond explaining how they understand the value of videography and their need for one.  So, what is the justification for the price tag?  Many couples have vocalized how shocked they were at the price of different vendors, but often agree it is well deserved.  If you want tips to maximize your videography budget, keep reading!   

  1.  The Obvious:  What products are in the package?  You should definitely receive a Highlight Film (a creative edit highlighting the best parts of the day), but make sure you capitalize on receiving a Ceremony Film and Toasts Film.  This is the bread and butter of your day.  Trust us…its so hard to remember all the words said by your friends and loved ones.   
  1. Stay True to You:  Another thing we’ve learned is that couples don’t want to go with someone cheaper just to check a box and get a film of the day.  They want to find a videographer who’s style they love.  Don’t simply shop by price tag, but shop the style of wedding film you’re drawn to.  You’ll want something that you’ll enjoy for 10 years to come.  Is it full of corny fake poses? Or are the films full of actual raw moments of the two of you.  For us, we forgo the staged “veil toss” and film you being true to yourself.  Laughing at each other, wiping a tear from your eye, or ripping up the dance floor.  As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Make sure you actually LIKE the films your videographer is making.   
  1. RAW footage:  Every videographer has their opinion on raw footage on whether to offer it or not.  For us, it’s hands down the best way to maximize on videography services.  We offer our clients the raw moments of the day.  Basically, every clip from the day with the shaky stuff taken out.  It’s often one of our clients’ favorite films!  It has a home video nostalgia about it all.  We’re basically your eyes while you’re busy making rounds at the reception and chatting, or hiding away to just take in the moment. 
  1. Lastly, consider going out beforehand with your videographer for a session.  This is so important to us, that we offer this as a part of our base package!  People usually get so nervous in front of camera…let alone a video camera.  You’ll learn exactly how easy it is to be on film, which will help you relax on the day of the wedding.  

All in all, squeeze every ounce of your budget that you can on the films your videographer has to offer.  These films will increase with value over time.  You’re on the right track knowing you need a videographer, but also keep in mind that you can never have too much footage of Grandma or Uncle Bob doing the dougie on the dance floor.   

Wow! I learned a lot!

Thank you Travis and Joni! Again, here is their website!

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