5 Things to Keep in Mind While Picking Out Your Florist (From a Florist’s Perspective)

Hey ya’ll! Kathryn the wedding florist here!

I wanted to highlight 5 ideas to keep in mind while picking out your florist. Now, this is just from my perspective… There are other things to look into as well, but these are common ideas to keep in mind.

Now… you might be wondering why picking out a florist? You’re a florist! Yes, yes I am! I think there are so many important facets to being a florist and I would love to help guide you to the best fit. Maybe that’s me, but maybe it is another florist! No judgement here, but here are things to be on the lookout (in my opinion) to find a florist that will best fit YOUR needs 🙂

  1. Communication: Communication, for me is one of the most important elements when it comes to being a successful wedding vendor. Do they communicate well? Are they on social media? Do they give you at least two forms Of communication? One could be email and maybe one is their phone number. Communication is so important and I think that’s why it should go even above design skills.
  2. Designs: Designs are incredibly important when it comes to such a creative vendor in your wedding portfolio. Make sure that you’re looking at all different types of resources. So look at their Pinterest account, their website, their blog post, their Instagram, and even the post that they are tagged in. Because, not every wedding florist post every one of their works. But, a lot of people might tag them in posts so make sure that you’re checking that out as well.
  3. Client Experience: Client experience, to me, looks a little different than communication. They can be great at responding back to you in your emails, but do they make you feel valued at throughout the whole experience? Do they make you feel valued and appreciated from the time that you booked them all the way until two months after your wedding date? Do they go out of your way to send you emails, notes on Instagram, or something else not even related to flowers that again makes you feel appreciated? Make sure you were looking for these types of florists.
  4. Creativity: Not only should florists be great designers, but they should also look for ways to be creative within their designs. If you are spending lots of money with florists they should be thinking outside the box with ways to stretch your budget, repurpose flowers, and create different ideas from what you are telling them. Creativity within the wedding floral design department goes hand-in-hand with a successful florist.
  5. Resources: Do they have adequate resources to handle problems? Here at Beautifully Bloomed, we are a full farming florist community. That means we grow about 60% of everything we use in our weddings right here in our backyard! But we also have many backup options available. Ask the florist you are inquiring about back up options in case something happens that you are unaware of!

Again – there are other reasons to pick or not pick a florist – but hopefully this gives you an insight to our preferences when it comes to wedding florists.

If you are looking for recommendations to a good florist, let us know and we will direct you to the right person!


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