3 Things a Wedding Planner Wants You to Know

Hello all! Kathryn the owner of Beautifully Bloomed, straight from Cedar Rapids, Iowa here!

Today we have the fabulous Josie from Josielynn Events here today! She is a relevantly newer wedding planner to the area, but amazing never-the-less. She will be telling us all about the 3 things wedding planners want us to know. Read more and check her website out here.

Number One | I Love What I Do or Meet Josie

Hello! My name is Josie. I’m a Certified Wedding Planner and the owner of Josie Lynn Events. I’ve
been in the industry for over a decade (am I really that old? …yes.) and love providing my experience
and support to my couples to ease to load of wedding planning. I absolutely love what I do. Seeing a
wedding day come together and witnessing the excitement my couples experience on wedding day is
what I live for. There is no better feeling than seeing everyone happy and celebrating.
Outside of wedding planning I love being a mom to my two daughters and spending time with my
husband. If you love podcasts, true crime, baking and being outdoors you are my people!
Although, most people are my people because I thoroughly enjoy making new connections. If we hit it
off, I will be your hype-girl forever

Number Two | Certified Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator

Let me first say that Venue Coordinators (and their various titles) are wonderful! I worked for venues
for a very long time before launching Josie Lynn Events. So why do you still need a Certified Wedding
Planner if you have a Venue Coordinator? The biggest difference between a Venue Coordinator and Certified Wedding Planner is that a Certified Wedding Planner works for you, not a venue. A Venue Coordinator is employed by a venue and their primary responsibility is to the venue, their employer. This means that as Certified Wedding Planners we set our own schedules and don’t have to pertain to the set hours of a venue office. Venue Coordinators are also limited on their services. Think invitations, design consulting, vendor contact, rehearsal and ceremony coordination, etc… For example, a Venue Coordinator may ask about or even help piece together some of your itinerary, but they are not responsible to setting the itinerary for your entire wedding day; from your hair stylist arriving, your transportation, or any other aspect other than what is taking place in their venue. Certified Wedding Planners do it all and we have amazing resources, programs and even some partnerships with great companies to bring additional benefits to our couples. The beauty in having both a Certified Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator, we work wonderfully together to make sure your wedding day is seamless.

Number Three | It’s Your Wedding Day

As well intended as our friends and family can be, sometimes having so much, well intended, support
can feel a bit overwhelming. It’s important to remember that YOU are the one getting married and your
wedding day should be as beautiful and authentic as you are. If you feel overwhelmed with advice or
opinions from others it’s good to take a step back, remember that it’s your day and feel confident in the
choices you’re making. It’s ok to set healthy boundaries and there are ways to do so while avoiding
drama. It all comes down to communication. On this note sometimes family or friends often times want to help and be involved in your day. Your Certified Wedding Planner can help you delegate responsibilities and guide you to also make excellent vendor choices so your family and friends aren’t taking on otherwise professional roles and can enjoy
celebrating with you.

Thanks Josie!

Again – check her out here.

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