What to Expect from a Professional Wedding Florist

Hello all! Kathryn here! Today I am wanting to chat with you about what you are investing in when you hire a professional wedding florist.

Before I list off my top three, I want to make sure you know that you are hiring a wedding florist to design flowers for your wedding. That is the most baseline service that we offer and you might be surprised to learn about how many other things we also provide. As someone who has been in the wedding industry for a hot minute – there is a lot going on behind the scenes that I would love to open your eyes to in the floral world!

  1. Flower Knowledge: This might go without saying, but as a wedding florist – our job is to be the expert on as many flowers as we can. We do not expect you to know all of the flower names, their cost, or when they are growing. When we show up at the consultation, our goal is to better educate you on what works and what might not for your wedding. Too often I will see people picking up flowers from a local grocery store that I know could cause problems at home. For example, there is a certain flower that is always sold at the stores and it’s sap is super poisonous. Odds are your animals will not be licking the sap, but the other flowers in that arrangement are drinking poisonous water and will most likely die within a day or two. Now, I do not necessarily blame any grocery store floral shop. Those florists are just as educated but sometimes the public gets demanding and will continue to ask for that flower or take their business elsewhere. That’s where I step in. When it comes to your wedding, you might see something on Pinterest, TikTok, Insta that strikes your interest, but it might not be realistic, cost-effective, or even possible for our environment.
  2. Cost Saving Options: Speaking of being cost-effective, our jobs as professional wedding florists is to save you money! Yup! I know there is a common misbelief that if you were to buy all of your own greenery for loose greens on a guest table it would be cheaper than hiring a florist… Well that is not all likely true. This year, for example, one of my couples was looking for a way to cut down on their reception costs and decided to buy their own greenery for the tables. During our final consultation, I was chatting with them about how long they were planning on taking to set up, where they planning to purchase this greenery, etc. and I am so glad I asked. The bride was planning on buying this type of greenery than had a reddish tint (her colors where blush/blues) and that particular greenery would not last out of water. The worst part was that the reseller she was planning on purchasing the greenery from was almost 5 times as much as what I would have sold them for. We decided to go with a different route and I kid-you-not, saved her $2,000.
  3. Day – Of Timing: While were on the subject, lets talk about the wedding day. When you hire a professional wedding florist, we are going to understand how long everything takes for US and what’s expected for other wedding professionals. For example, most people think the florists should come right before pictures so the flowers are the freshest. Realistically, that doesn’t make sense. We want to be DONE at least 30 minutes before pictures start so the photographers can take room/ detail pictures. If the flowers need to go outside, I would recommend keeping them inside and have an aunt/ uncle move them right before guests arrive. That would be one of the best ways to keep the flowers fresh while still keeping the wedding day timeline moving!

There are so many reasons to hire a wedding florist other than the designs. We are here to make your life as easy as possible WHILE providing you beautiful wedding flowers.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out and I am happy to answer them!

Until next time 🙂


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