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I get asked all of the time, how much does this cost? How much does that cost? And it is so hard to give people an estimate off of some ideas. I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick blog post explaining costs and general pricings to help you understand this element of your floral budget.

First, here is a general pricing list and if you are still curious, I keep reading and I can give you a better breakdown below:

  • Personal Flowers:
    • Bridal Bouquet: $400 – $500
    • Bridesmaids Bouquets: $200 – $300
    • Boutonnieres: $20 – $25
    • Wrist Corsage: $30 – $35
    • Flower Crown (Greenery Only): $45
    • Flower Crown (Greenery + Flowers): $75 – $100
    • Toss Bouquet: $50 – $60
  • Ceremony Flowers:
    • Corner Arch Piece: $350 – $500
    • Smaller (Off-Set) Arch Piece: $200 – $300
    • Meadow Aisle Pieces: $150 – $200 per arrangement
    • Full Floral Arch: $2,500 +
  • Reception Flowers:
    • Laid Greenery: $40 – $50 per table
    • Bud Vases: $10 – $20 per bud vase
    • Compote Arrangements: $150 – $300 per arrangement
    • Tall Arrangement: $350 – $800 per arrangement
    • Greenery Only Garland: $15 per foot
    • Floral + Greenery Garland: $20 per foot

Let me first give a brief explanation of floral pricing. Most florists mark up their floral costs by 3-5 points. This covers all of our emails, ordering, writing proposal, etc. Then we add in our material costs and multiply by 2-3 points. Lastly we add on our labor for that particular design. Some do this hourly, some do this as a percent.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s work through this centerpiece arrangement. It is not my work – all credit to the designer. If I can find them – I will tag them.

It looks like there might be 10 or so blooms on this side of the arrangement and 5 or so stems of greenery. If we are calculating both sides, let’s just say 30 total floral stems (5+10) x 2. For simplicity sake, let’s say each bloom is only $1.5. I do not expect everyone to know flower pricing, but do know that some are less than a dollar per stem and others can be upwards of $6 per stem (hello peonies, garden roses, sometimes hydrangeas).

So our formula is 30 stems x $1.5 per stem X our markup (3-5). Let’s just say 3 point mark up. We are currently sitting at $135 for just the flowers.

Now, let’s add up the hard goods. I cannot see the mechanics, but I am sure they are using some floral tape, chicken wire (maybe foam), and of course the compote. Most likely the hard goods only add up to $3.

Our formula for hard goods $3 x our markup (2-3) = $6

Lastly, labor. I do this by hour, but again – some use percentages. A centerpiece arrangement normally takes me 30 minutes to design and I typically pay myself $30/ hour.

Our formula is .5 x 30 = $15

Total this all up, $135 + $6 + $15 = $156 just for one compote using a general formula.

As I said earlier, flower pricing is different based on seasonality, style, grower – so $1.5 a stem is very general.

Hopefully this gives you a general idea how we price floral products.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Best of luck to yah!


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