5 Things to Keep in Mind While Picking Out Your DJ (From a Florist’s Perspective)

Hey ya’ll! Kathryn the farming florist, extraordinaire here!

I wanted to highlight 5 ideas to keep in mind while picking out your DJ. Now, this is just from my perspective… There are other things to look into as well, but these are common ideas to keep in mind.

  1. Likeability: Okay, this should be an obvious one, but likeability matters! Do you see them working well with other vendors? Do they frequently tag other vendors or keep their photos to themselves? For me, if a DJ does not spend the time to tag a florist in their work, that makes me think they do not care about the other vendors and therefore lower likeability.
  2. Communication: Are they responsive to emails/ other forms of communication? I list this option because I reach out to all of the couples’ vendors the week before to make sure everyone feels comfortable with at least my services. 9 times out of 10, I do not get a response back from the DJ. Why? Not sure, but remember – if they act that way to other vendors… how will they act towards you when you have a quick questions?
  3. Set Up (Venue): Specially where will they put their DJ equipment? They have a LOT of gear. We (as wedding florists) like to know this detail so we know what we should be designing around. If you are wanting a pretty arch piece but the DJ is putting their booth right next to the arch… maybe we should talk about that before designing so we don’t get a ton of photos with their gear.
  4. Arrival Times: Yes! Set up time is important. Sometimes a DJ will not know until closer to the event when they will be able to set up, but typically they have LOADS and Loads of equipment to set up. That can be an interference to us florists as we are trying to create something on site. Before you book, ask them (on average) when do you arrive to set up?
  5. Cost: Yes! Cost is something to consider. It really depends on what type of DJ you want, but I have run into couples who spend a big portion of their budget on a dj and then they do not have anything to spend on décor. Okay – a great dj is wonderful… but make sure you are spending your money on what matters the most to you!

Again – there are other reasons to pick or not pick a DJ – but hopefully this gives you an insight to our preferences when it comes to DJ.

If you are looking for recommendations for a good DJ, let us know and we will direct you to the right person!


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