My “Why”

Hello ya’ll! Kathryn the farming/ wedding florist here!

I wanted to quickly chat about my “why” today. A “why” is the reason you do what you do. You could have a why for working out, going to work, and today I want to chat about my “why” for Beautifully Bloomed.

In Million Success Habits by Dean Graziosi asks you to go 7 levels deep into your way… so here’s mine.

Why do I do what I do? I think I want to divide it into two different categories.

Spiritually, my “why” is creating from creation for the Creator. I believe in a God that created beauty itself that deserves all our attention. I love that my profession is getting to praise what God made for us to enjoy.

The other category has to do with my beginnings. I did not start with much. I grew up in a lower-middle class family. My parents worked their butts off to provide for my brother and I. They provided what they could through hard work and dedication. Nothing came from luck. We have been blessed with God’s grace a million times over, but when it came to our physical needs – our work was all that we could put a name on. I never got special attention from my intelligence (or lack there of). I was just middle of the road in life… probably destined for a middle of the road life. I felt as thought I was never given a talent to lean on. I like sports, but not athletic. I enjoy my musical career, but not a prodigy musician. I was okay in school, but never a genius. That being said – I worked my tail off in all 3 of those categories to almost prove to myself that I could be a musician or a genius if I wanted to me.

Fast forward to my college decision. I wanted to pick a career that I could excel in with work. (I mean who doesn’t?). I chose to teach. I always had much respect for teachers but never felt like it would take me being the top of my class to be a good one. Just a little middle of the road. I realize that I was very unhappy while teaching. The more work I put into the career, the less I was rewarded. My students would benefit sure, but I was still getting less than ideal circumstances regardless of what I put into it. Now – not trying to “diss” on teachers. It’s so dang hard to be a teacher. MAD respect for them, but it wasn’t the perfect fit for me.

Fast forward to Beautifully Bloomed. As I started, I soon understood I was not naturally gifted in design. Nor was I gifted in marketing, etc. BUT the more I worked on all of the elements in front and behind the business, it started to flourish. I am really learning the gift of hard work. All this sums down to my why. My why is to show the world that hard work trumps barriers of any kind.

Now – it’s amazing to see all of my hard work pay off and provide other opportunities to learn and work. I am so excited to continue this role within Beautifully Bloomed.

Ooft that was a lot. Let me know if you have any other questions that I can answer <3


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