5 of the Best Perennials We Grow at Beautifully Bloomed

Hey all! Its Kathryn from Beautifully Bloomed here!

In case you didn’t know or forgot, we are a flower farmer/ florist mix here. I have plenty of blog posts on why I choose to do both so check them out. In this blog post I wanted to touch on the 5 best perennials we grow.

First off, let me define the word “perennial.” A perennial is a type of plant that comes back year after year. There are benefits and negative reasons to grow these. Benefits… they come back year after year. Typically they get bigger each year which is wonderful. Negatives… they cost a lot more than a traditional annual seed. They also take 3 times the growing time than traditionally. Regardless, it is good to have a little mix of both.

Here are the 5 best perennials we grow:

  1. Peonies. Ug… I could talk about peonies all day long. They are some of the most beautiful flowers I grow. I have over 350 peonies because they are so versatile so get your hands on them asap.
  2. Roses. Next on my list is to grow roses. Roses are a beast. They are difficult to grow. They easily develop diseases are get temperamental when not watered well. That being said – they are so beautiful and when they bloom it seems like the world stops.
  3. Tulips/ Daffodils. I put these both in the same category because they are similar in growing habits. One of the best things about these perennials is that they are some of the first plants that pop up after the snow. They can come in a variety of colors are are a must grow.
  4. Lilacs. Lilacs take forverrrrr to grow but when they do finally produce they give you so much for whomever you are selling. That being said… they do not last long so enjoy them when you can.
  5. Clematis. Clematis is one of my favorite “vines” to grow. All of the other flowers that I have mentioned can be ridig when established but clematis is loose and add another element to your arrangements.

We do grow a lot more of these perennials but these are the 5 that I recommend if you are just starting out!


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