5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Florist Before You Book

Yay – okay, so you’re engaged. You’re excited. You wanna book your florist. WAITT

Before you hire your florist please make sure you check out these 5 questions.

When you finally select the floral designer that you connect with and love, you will want to meet with them asap. Usually, you will have a Pinterest board ready, some fabric swatches, and maybe a few magazine clippings to bring along.

The consultation will go something like this:

  • Define your personal and relationship style
  • Discuss wedding logistics and details
  • Present samples, photos, and pricing points
  • Figure out likes and dislikes
  • Questions
  • Decision Making

This process is pretty standard with any florist you meet. The only difference are the questions you ask and how they are answered. Aside from the common and typical floral questions that will come up in conversation, below are the top questions you cannot afford to NOT ask before you book.

  • Is My Budget Realistic?

Budgets can be hardddd. They really can. Especially with flowers. Flowers are a delicate part of your wedding and also can cost a lot. Have an idea of what your vision should cost. If you need help learning about pricing – please reach out to me! I would love to help. The things I would personality be worried about is if a florist is actually low-balling you. If you are wanting something amazing, like a floral chandelier, and a florist offers it for $500. I would be like whatttt? Can you actually deliver on that? Will it still look like my vision? Are you just not paying yourself or will this be tacky?

  • Are The Flowers I Love In Season?

This is a big one. Do not expect peonies in the fall. Then also do not believe a florist when they said that they can deliver whatever you want whenever you want. That will just lead you into disappointment. Check with someone who knows what they are doing, check with a flower farmer! Flower farmers know flowers but even more importantly they know seasons way better than any florist out there. Guess what – I’m both. Hint hint 😉

  • How Many Events Do You Take On?

Oof this is a big one. The last company that I worked for (before I started my own business) would do 5-6 weddings per weekend. Yes! That is a crazy amount! We were busting our butts trying to get bouquets, bouts, etc out the door. We did not take our time on each design and I’m like – no this is not worth it. When I started my own business, I decided that I would limit my designs so I could get to know each of my brides on personal levels to design beautifully for them.

  • Do You Provide Other Decor and Styling Services?

Decor actually is a bigger deal than you might think. What will match with your flowers? You might save money with your second cousin’s old vases she found in that attic, but they might not be the best for your flowers. Either the astetic or they could just be limiting the design opportunity for the florist. I have heard horror stories of florists trying to make a vase work for a client and it ends up breaking the day of due to brail structures or it looks completely wrong because of the proposed vision.

  • Are You Insured?

You may not be thinking about this one but honestly hiring a florist that carries insurance ensures that you are hiring a professional and you are protected. What if the unthinkable happens. You are left with an amateur who doesn’t know what to do and causes problems.

What other questions do you feel are non-negotiable when you meet with a florist? Are there any questions you are too afraid to ask? Comment below to get the convo started!

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